The Ultimate Halifax Staycation

April 20, 2023

Get ready to ditch the passport and embark on an exciting journey right here in Halifax. Let me show you how to experience Halifax like a local with some tried-and-true staycation ideas that will satisfy your wanderlust without straying to far from home. Let’s dive into all that our beautiful city has to offer!

Start your day in Italy. Grab an Italian Coffee and Treat at Pane e Circo

“Pane e Circo serves the highest quality Italian products including a vast selection of imported Charcuterie, sourdough breads & artisanal pastries baked each day!” Bonus, it’s absolutely stunning inside!

Check-in to Halifax most exceptional Hotel, The Muir

Located in the heart of the waterfront, this hotel is truly an exceptional experience. From its gorgeous harbour views to its exceptional spa amenities, it’s by far my favourite hotel in Halifax.

Dinner at one of Halifax most Loved Restaurants!

Located only a walking distances from the hotel, on the waterfront sits some iconic Restaurants loved by Locals. Some of my favourites!

For the love of Guacamole, visit Bar Sophia. The most exceptional Mexican inspired Bar & Restaurant. You do not want to leave here without trying the Guacamole & the Churros. Thank me later.

Wake Up & have brunch in Paris

Cafe Lunette is charming, cozy & fantastically parisienne. This brunch is the closest i’ve had in Halifax to some of my favourite Paris Cafes. C’est Magnifique!

And there you have it. A staycation that takes you far from home, while never stepping on an airplane. Halifax truly does have a beautiful selection of culturally inspired venues that can truly satisfy any avid travel enthusiast. So go, enjoy them!

La Fin.

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